every time i read something that doesn’t say ‘alleged’ or ‘accused’ i just want to write a ripping response. but what good would it do? my sister pointed out that if he gets a fair trial, he will be convicted; if he doesn’t get a fair trial, he will be convicted. whatever the…

i’ve been thinking a lot lately about wasted life.  and the hopelessness of it.  i hate to think about all the promise and potential that has been wasted, not just with this young man.  i just don’t want it to be true.  i want some way out for him.  the realization of my own wasted life came in my sixties and i’m dealing with it.  he is only twenty.  i don’t want to believe it because i can’t change it.

:( :( :(
I understand completely about the heartbreak of his wasted life as well as that of so many other young men (and a few young women, too). I am so sorry you feel your own life was wasted. But I’m glad you’re on a social network getting to participate in and contribute to discussions.

aw this is heartbreaking. The reality of life is a drag. :(